LED Security Lighting

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LED Security Lighting

LED security and emergency lighting provides the highest light output with the lowest power consumption, combined with their lifespan, this makes them the most cost effectice lighting system.

Traditional security lighting was very functional, you would walk past a PIR movement sensor and you would instantly be lit up by a blazing 500w halogen floodlight, they were definately functional in providing light, but how much of a deterrent were they?

As with most security systems if they are not correctly installed they can soon become a nuisance instead of an advantage. Badly positioned lights would send light in all directions, dazzling neighbours and poluting skies. Then there was the false triggers from animal or swaying plants so lights would click on and off throughout the night until you finally would disarm them.

Thankfully security lighting and infact all external lighting has made a significant improvement in recent years and the emmergence of affordable LED lighting has allowed us to look at how we light up our homes and business for the better.

Cost is always a factor affecting both domestic and business customers and the idea of running permanent halogen security lights throughout the night was not a solution for most budgets.

Is permanent lighting is a deterrent to burglars

Research has suggested security lights do not have a huge impact on crime rates, most people have a greater fear of crime at night however statistics show that most crime is still committed during the hours of light.

What we do know is most criminals are risk aversed, that is if they are faced with being seen or caught on cctv, they will opt for an easier target. We can therefore assume that a well lit building will be less likely to be attacked than an unlit one, and if you are not going to have permanent lighting then you need a system which will detect movement at the earliest point and switch on lighting progressively before the criminal has committed to the attack, allowing them to re-assess the risk to them.

A sensible approach to security lighting

What our installers at Twin Security Systems have experienced, is that security lighting offers a greater comfor to the person or persons who use or occupy a building. Progressive or permanent lighting dissolves the shadows allowing us to see what is actually there and not what our minds imagine. The reduced running costs of LED security lighting makes this option a viable solution, whilst making the environment a more attractive and reassuring one to occupy.

LED Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is designed to provide light in the event of a power outage, through either a ‘maintained’ or ‘non-maintained’ lighting unit. A battery in the light provides power during an outage and then recharges when the power comes back on.

A ‘maintained’ emergency light provides light during normal operation and can maintain illumination during a power outage from it’s back up battery.

A ‘non-maintained’ emergency light is an additional light installation which only illuminates when an outage occurs.

If you are installing emergency lighting in addition to your existing lighting a non-maintained light would be recommended. If you are replacing lights or installing lights into a new build, a maintained light unit would probably be best although a combination of lighting may achieve the results you need at a more affordable budget.

Twin Security Systems install LED lighting for:

  • Escape route lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Exit Lights
  • Security lights
  • Batten Lights
  • Oyster Lights
  • Spotfire Lights
  • Office and commercial lighting
  • Factory lighting
  • Domestic lighting
  • External and internal ligting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Garden lighting
CCTV Installs
Vehicle Tracking Systems
Remote Access
Intruder Alarms
LED Security Lights