Intruder Alarms

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Intruder Alarms

The intruder alarm sector has experienced a huge growth over recent years as technology becomes cheaper and manufacturers explore the everchanging opportunities ‘the internet of things’ brings to the market.

Twin Security Systems and our installers have been installing, maintaining and repairing intruder alarms since 1990. We have an excellent understanding of the market and a solid understanding of the technologies manufacturers use and which are best suited for any particular installation.

24/7 monitored alarms and Police response

Most commercial properties require a monitored alarm system and some larger, remote or part occupied domestic residencies may also require this type of system to comply with their insurance policy.

Some people just feel a greater level of comfort and security from knowing their property is being monitered, however there are additional fees for these services. If you would like to no more please contact us for a free quote.

How do monitored alarm systems work?

No alarm systems have a direct link to the police, instead your alarm system is linked to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). If your alarm is activated a signal is sent to the ARC with a URN (Unique Reference Number), which identifies your property, so the nominated keyholders and police can be alerted.

The Police response is only available on professionally monitored alarm systems, installed by a UKAS accredited installers to EN 50131 standards. Twin Security Systems hold this certification.

When the police receive a notification from a monitoring company they will attend your property immediately (subject to priorities). This a level 1 response. If your alarm has a fault or the alarm has been falsely triggered 3 times in a rolling twelve month period then the police can stop responding to your call outs, until a period of stability has been established. Making sure your intruder alarm is well maintained will reduce the potential for false alarms.

Burglar alarm grades – not all alarms are created equal!

Intruder alarm systems are graded by the BSI standard EN 50131 from 1 to 4, with 1 offering the lowest level of security and 4 the highest. The grade is measured by how resilient the alarm system is to attacks by intruders and other outside influences. All components of the system are graded, including the control panel, motion detectors (PIRs) and signalling equipment.

If an installation is required to achieve a grade of 3 or more, the installation must only include equipment which has been graded at level 3 or above. If an installer uses any equipment (such as a PIR sensor) which is graded lower, then the whole system will be downgraded to that grade. It is essential this practice is observed if your system is to comply with your insurance policy.

Domestic alarm installations will generally require a system graded 1 or 2, although larger homes may benefit from grade 3. Retail and commercial operations will require a grade 2 or 3, with grade 4 systems reserved for premises requiring the highest level of security.

Alarm Sensors

  • Passive Infrared Motion Detectors PIR device
  • Ultrasonic Detectors
  • Microwave Detectors
  • Magnetic Switches
  • Photoelectric Beams
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Water Leak / Flood Detection
  • Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Shock
  • Beam Sensors
  • Panic button / HUD / MED

If you’ve spent anytime researching intruder alarms, you will see the suppliers don’t make it easy to compare their products, they all have a huge range of equipment and systems and they use a variety of techno-speak and acronyms to describe their specifications. Understanding which system to buy can be a mine field and making sure it is set up properly can be even harder.

Glossary of terms used with intruder alarms

  • ARC – Alarm Receiving Centre or Central Station
  • MED – Medical Alert
  • HUD – Hold Up Device
  • URN – Unique Reference Number required for monitored alarms
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