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Video Surveillance & CCTV Installer

Video surveillance and CCTV cameras add an extra level of security for your home and business. Video evidence has become increasingly important in the support of prosecutions, although it also helps maintain good working practices on sites, reducing health and safety incidents.

Twin Security Systems have over 30 years experience installing CCTV equipment and we are fully vetted and authorised to install systems at sites where young or vulnerable people are present.

What are the choices when updating or installing CCTV equipment

The terms and specifications used by manufacturers of CCTV equipment (as with most products in the security sector) can seem over complicated and lacking in common terms which would allow you to easily compare like for like.

At Twin Security Systems our primary interest is in the installation, maintenance and repair of CCTV equipment, we can source equipment from manufacturers who only sell to the trade, however we are also happy to help advise customers of which equipment would be most suitable for their premises.

What is the difference between Analogue and Digital (IP) Cameras

All cctv cameras are either analogue or digital (IP). Essentially it comes down to how they capture and the transfer video, it’s that simple!

When the signal is receieved by the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), if the signal is from an analogue camera it will be converted to digital so it can be recorded to the hard drive. If the signal is already digital it won’t need to be converted it will just be saved to the hard disk.

Which is best analogue or Digital IP Cameras?

The advantages that digital network video surveillance offers over analogue CCTV are considerable!

  • The ability to view live or recorded images accross the internet using PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Video can be backed up to multiple locations on the network.
  • Video quality is generally higher from digital IP cameras, although analogue have released AHD (Analogue High Definition).
  • The latest IP cameras are essentially computers with the ability to run video analytics software from the camera.
  • A single network cable transfers video audio and data, whilst powering the camera using (PoE) Power over Ethernet.
  • IP Cameras can be connected to a wireless NVR allowing video signals to be shared wirelessly accros a network.

So why do installers still use analogue cameras?

Analogue cameras still work well, the image quality of analogue high definition is very good and some analogue cameras are reported to give better quality low light images.

Analogue cameras are cheaper although the margin is reducing, but that still adds up on a multi-camera install. They are also simpler to set up and use less bandwidth, this might be a good reason alone, if you don’t need the additional benefits of IP cameras.

Lots of companies already have existing analogue systems that would be expensive to replace with a complete new digital surveillance system and not least there is still a demand for analogue cameras or the manufacturers would stop making them.

Which do Twin Alarm Systems prefer?

As installers of CCTV suveillance equipment, Twin Alarms Systems are perfectly happy to install, update repair or maintain either analogue or digital cameras.

If asked to provide advice on a new CCTV install we would want to take a good look at where and how the system will be used, a modern office building, a rural farm or a school might all require different solutions. Will the system be linked in to an intruder alarm or an access control system?

If you are ready to upgarde an existing cctv system or looking for advice on a new install feel free to five us a call 0800 542 3646. We would be more than happy to answer your questions or arrange a site visit.

Glossary of terms relating to CCTV surveillance

Our industry is full of acronyms At Twin Security Systems we aim to simplify the jargon and offer straight forward advice!

  • NVR recorders Network Video Recorders
  • Mini dome Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras
  • Box Cameras
  • Ball Cameras
  • Fisheye Cameras
  • PTZ Cameras – Pan Tilt Zoom
  • Micro-domes Cameras
  • Indoor Dome Cameras
  • Outdoor Rugged Dome
  • IP Camera – Internet Protocol Camera
  • HQA – High Quality Analogue
  • Pin-Hole Cameras
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